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At Haven Technologies we believe extraordinary and impactful work happens when you care — about your products, your software and, yes, the people you partner with. Our team takes great pride in building authentic and meaningful relationships with our clients. Prepare to be delighted.

The Great GraceKennedy Cook-off

How did Haven Technologies welcome this unique client with a rich history of financial and food services? With a cook-off, of course. More than a dozen Haven Tech employees (from developers to recruiters to technical writers) volunteered to prepare dishes using mystery Grace ingredients and serve them to GraceKennedy executives. No pressure.

The GK | HT Cook-off Nothing brings people together like good food

Through original Haven chef creations like Oxtail Tostadas with Grace Caribbean Traditions Seasoning and Coconut Cake with Grace Classic Coconut Milk, a SaaS provider and its newest partner were able to share a genuine moment (and a smile) while building a foundation for future success.

The GK | HT Cook-off Our esteemed judges

GraceKennedy executives take a break from running one of the Caribbean's largest and most respected conglomerates to taste some Haven home cooking.

  • Kerry-Ann Heavens: Legal Counsel, GK Financial Group
  • Crisy Laurent: General Manager, GK Life Insurance Eastern Caribbean
  • Steven Whittingham: Deputy CEO, GK Financial Group
  • Nichole Case: CIO, GK Financial Group
  • Rickardo Ebanks: Chief Digital Officer
  • Todd Rodgers: Haven Technologies CEO
  • Aneesha Deshpande: Head of Haven Tech Accelerator /
    Official Gluten Tasting Assistant

The GK | HT Cook-off Our intrepid chefs

  • Alex & Daniel

    Grace Ingredient: Oxtail Seasoning
    Original Dish: Oxtail Tostadas
    Award: The Renewal Award for helping to make our judges fall in love with oxtail (a dish many of them grew up on) all over again.
  • Josh

    Grace Ingredient: Coconut Milk
    Original Dish: Coconut Cake
    Award: Coconut Milk is the most popular Grace Foods ingredient and its top seller. This cake took a common ingredient and turned it into something truly one of a kind. And for that it earned the Crazy for Coconuts Award.
  • Nithya

    Grace Ingredient: Guava Jelly
    Original Dish: Guava Jelly Cups and Guava Cookies
    Award: Was there really any doubt that this would win the Sweetest Palette Award? It didn’t hurt that the cookies were arranged in the shape of “I <3 GK”.
  • Sam

    Grace Ingredient: Pumpkin Soup Mix
    Original Dish: Caribbean Pumpkin Soup and Salmon Piroshky
    Award: Eastern European and Jamaican cuisine are two things you don’t expect to work well together, but Sam’s take on this collaboration was truly inspired. The Creative Combo Award was a no-brainer.
  • Wing

    Grace Ingredient: Classic Butter Beans
    Original Dish: Beef Butter Bean Siu Mai
    Award: This was an entire dim sum platter with savory tastes that all incorporated butter beans. Sounds like the Most Diverse Award winner for sure.
  • Lee

    Grace Ingredient: Scotch Bonnet Sauce
    Original Dish: Bacon Wrapped Chicken Lollipops
    Award: It’s got bacon. It’s got chicken. It’s Caribbean Curry Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce. That’s a winner anyway you look at it. But this time, it was decorated with the Most Creative Award.
  • Kunj

    Grace Ingredient: Jerk Seasoning
    Original Dish: Jerk Chicken Dumplings
    Award: When you deliver a popular Jamaican spice in a cool and inventive new way you win the Cool Jerk Award.
  • Les

    Grace Ingredient: Callaloo in Saltwater
    Original Dish: Roasted Pork Belly with Callaloo Laing
    Award: Callaloo is an oft-overlooked Caribbean vegetable, but Les’s spin on it made GraceKennedy CEO Steven Whittingham proclaim it the best version of callaloo he ever had. And for that, Les was honored with the Convince Anyone to Eat Their Vegetables Award.
  • Raj

    Grace Ingredient: Ackees in Saltwater
    Original Dish: Fried Chicken and Seasoned Ackee Rice
    Award: An ackee is a Jamaican fruit that when ingested unripe, can be fatal. For that reason this dish ran away with the Most Intimidating Award. (Also, we’re happy to report no judges were harmed in the making of this Cook-Off.)
  • Tank

    Grace Ingredient: Ginger Garlic Pimento Seasoning
    Original Dish: Duck a la Goyave
    Award: One of our judges tried this dish first and had trouble putting the plate down and moving on to anything else. The Stuck on Duck Award was quite apt here.
  • Lauren

    Grace Ingredient: Green Gungo Peas
    Original Dish: Spring Vegetable Tart w/ Ricotta
    Award: Lauren used fresh veggies from her own garden to accompany Grace’s Green Gungo Peas in this dish, which made her a lock for the Homegrown in NY Award.
  • Rob

    Grace Ingredient: Browning
    Original Dish: Brown Stew Chicken with Jamaican Rice and “Peas”
    Award: According to our judges, Rob perfectly pulled off a very traditional Jamaican Sunday Dinner. A true taste of history and home that was deserving of the Most Authentic Jamaican Dish Award.

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