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Yes, we have the most modern, advanced and cloud-native platform. But when you add in our people and innovative culture, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish, together.


Data Integrations

“Flexibility is at the core of our Integrations. Carriers can use our end to end platform experience or our integrations allow the addition of 3rd party components. Our robust options allow a pre-built offering, with integrations through API’s, Streaming Messaging, or Batch Files.”

Kevin Larson

Integration Solutions Management


“First and foremost we are users of our own technology and have a deep understanding of the extensive data needs and analytical capabilities that are required to drive a successful product and business in this market. We ensure you have the data available to gain complete visibility into the inner working of the platform and your customers. We thrive in solving complex problems through data.”

Naoki Yamaguchi

Head of Business Intelligence and Analytics

Data Science

“As insurers look to broaden the appeal of life insurance and improve the overall customer experience, LifeScore Labs’ strength in data science and risk scoring can help carriers augment existing underwriting teams and processes through greater automation.”

Michael Gallary

Head of LifeScore Labs

Innovation Culture

“Our people and culture make our product. We believe magic happens when people have an opportunity to work with amazing colleagues and build things that matter. We invite our clients to partner with us because together we can change life insurance—and lives—for the better.”

Charlee Garden

Chief Culture & Innovation Officer

“We believe magic happens when people have an opportunity to work with amazing colleagues and build things that matter.”

— Charlee Garden, Chief Innovation & Culture Officer


“Adapt offers a user-friendly modeling solution to support our team’s pricing, profitability, and risk analysis needs across our product portfolio. The Adapt team is constantly pushing out updates based on user feedback and improving the user experience. Whether I’m looking for high level results or detailed cashflows I feel confident I’ll be able to get the right amount of detail from Adapt—this flexibility supports my ability to make quick informed decisions.”

John Farina

Pricing & Technology Actuary


“We are migrating more than data. We are migrating customers, their experience and their future, providing digital tools that allow them to do business on their terms. We take pride in our capabilities to migrate with quality, accuracy, and timeliness. What use to take years now takes months.”

Amy Len

Program Manager


“To us, being agile is about more than just speed to market. First and foremost, it is about being in tune with our users and clients and building what they want and need. Secondly, it’s about our people and our teams and giving them the space and autonomy to build competencies and make quick, grass-roots decisions. Last but not the least, we follow the cadence of releasing new features every two weeks, which allows us to move forward quickly and get frequent user feedback along the way.”

Gautam Kumar

Product & Quality Lead


“We take pride in making the complex easy to enable your vision. If you’re a developer we make building features easy, if you’re a product owner, we streamline launching your product, if you’re in operations, we make working with customers easy.

If we don’t have it, we build it.”

Wojciech Sobocinski

Developer, Architect, Team Lead

“We respect and treat security as if it were our own data we are protecting.”

— Asia LaBrie, Chief Information Security Officer


“Security at Haven is built in from the beginning. It’s embedded in everything we develop. We respect and treat security as if it were our own data we are protecting. We are committed to service availability, security, and data protection for our partners with industry standard secure system design.”

Asia LaBrie

Chief Information Security Officer


“We support our clients’ choices for products and channels. Our platform adapts to the realities of our clients’ business strategies and tech environments. Our implementation team and partners works closely with clients to deliver value early and often.”

Ayan Sarkar

Chief Revenue Officer

Are you a carrier ready to talk about what's next? A potential colleague? Or, do you just have a question about where our offices are located? No matter what, we want to hear from you! Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch ASAP.

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