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Why Choose Us  |  Our Vision Calling all visionaries

Our vision at Haven Technologies is to create flexible and customer-centric technologies that enable our clients to efficiently deliver experiences that help people gain access to insurance.

Your journey is our journey

How do you measure success?

For us, the answer is simple. We succeed when you succeed. We care about the people who use our products and platform. We work hard to make their experience with life insurance better. We might operate using a business-to-business model, but we’re a people-for-people company.

If you have big goals, we want to help you reach them. If you have challenging problems, we want to help you solve them. And if your vision for modern life insurance is simple, accessible and customer-first, then... you’ve come to the right place.

We walk the walk.
Built for life insurance by life insurers.

We may have the “crazy idea” but we are not outsiders.

From day one, we have run all aspects of our life insurance businesses—from filing products with regulators to running service centers—in a hands-on, “the buck stops here” sort of way. As a result, we are not only technologists, but also seasoned operators, steeped in real-world insurance experiences.
And now we offer our expertise as a set of professional services that complement our software solutions.

Designed with the client in mind

Our priority at Haven Technologies is to connect with forward thinking partners in a real and impactful way. To all the dreamers, possibility-seekers and difference makers: Your journey is now our journey and our tech is now your tech.

Our care for making our clients’ lives better shows in every experience, every workflow, every line of code that we ship. We provide choice points to support all our clients’ products and channels. We make our platform adapt to the realities of our clients’ tech environments—working as well with their legacy, batch systems as their modern,
real-time ones

One purpose-built platform.
Cloud-native. Smart. Connected.

Why can’t we have a platform that was designed to take the complexity out of life insurance? That harnesses the modern, cloud-native technology stack that has revolutionized the rest of Financial Services? That breaks down the silos and helps visionary clients—advisors, underwriters and actuaries—connect and collaborate? That uses a single source of truth to drive better insights and smarter decisions?

We can and we have.

Are you a carrier ready to talk about what's next? A potential colleague? Or, do you just have a question about where our offices are located? No matter what, we want to hear from you! Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch ASAP.

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