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What We Do | Our Capabilities From quote to claim, we have you covered...and yes, that was an insurance pun

Offerings What you buy
New Business Underwriting Core
Experiences Provided access points
  • Advisor
  • Customer
  • Case Support Representative
  • Underwriter
  • Policy Service Representative
  • Advisor
  • Customer
Solutions Specialized capabilities for specific needs
  • Distribution Management
  • Quote + Illustration
  • E-Application
  • E-Delivery
  • Case Support
  • Automated Underwriting
  • Underwriting Workbench
  • Product Management
  • Policy Administration
  • Claims
  • Policy Service
  • Policy Migration
Tools Make the tech yours
  • Insurance Application Builder
  • Rules Manager
  • Actuarial Calculator
  • Product Configurator
Accelerator Put our experience to work for you
  • Funnel Conversion + Advisor Adoption
  • Case Support
  • Underwriting Program Optimization
  • Migration Value Analysis
  • In-force Opportunities Identification
Haven Tech Highlights

If Haven Technologies had a greatest hits album…

Haven Technologies is the result of years of first hand experience, successful problem solving and constant collaboration. There’s a lot we can offer your organization. Probably too much to list here. So, we’ve put together some highlights.

  • The story of how our unique brand and culture helped innovate the direct to consumer life insurance experience.

  • A closer look at our automated (and successful!) migration of hundreds of thousands of MassMutual policies.

  • That time we helped a Fortune 500 insurance company technologically transform their advisor business.

  • How we used embedded technology to reach new, high intent, life insurance customers.

  • How we leverage our expertise to help accelerate your business

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In their own words:

The best way to understand our technology is to learn from the people behind it. Hear our experts explain what makes our platform special.

  • Administrator

    Meghan Furdyna shares some of our admin secrets on how we enable new products to get to market quicker.

    I have an irrational fear of: Ordering takeout over the phone play video
  • Designer

    Julia Romero discusses how Haven Technologies helps you launch groundbreaking products with precision and care.

    The last great meal I had was: Homemade bolognese—including grinding the meat myself play video
  • Advisor

    Ni Nguyen demos how our platform makes it easier for life insurance professionals to do business.

    If I could learn any skill it would be: Playing the drums—I was told I have rhythm. play video
  • Advocate

    Sharon Chung chats about how our tools allow you to offer your customers a seamless service experience.

    A drink I’m particularly good at making is: a good strong espresso martini with extra foam. Be prepared to not sleep. play video
  • Underwriter

    Alan Yu shares a little bit about how we streamline the risk assessment process for underwriters.

    When I was little I wanted to grow up to be a: Civil Engineer play video
  • Migrator

    Kevin Larson takes you behind the scenes and explains how we automate the migration of legacy business.

    The first job I ever had was: Bagging groceries at the Big Y Supermarket play video
  • Direct

    Former Haven Tech product designer, DeAnna Azzolini talks about the strategic design choices of our platform that make it ideal for today’s life insurance customers.

    My hidden talent is: Being really good at trivia play video
  • Compensation

    Luke Calvanese explains how our advisor compensation solution tool can work wonders for your New Business experiences.

    The first job I ever had was: making pizza boxes at the family restaurant play video

Are you a carrier ready to talk about what's next? A potential colleague? Or, do you just have a question about where our offices are located? No matter what, we want to hear from you! Drop us a line and we’ll get in touch ASAP.

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