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Haven’s Todd Rodgers, Chief Technology Officer, on Innovation in Life Insurance

Talk about innovation in life insurance isn’t new. But, if you ask Todd Rodgers, Haven Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer, it seems like push has finally come to shove in the industry.

As Todd explains, “There is significant potential at every stage of the product life cycle. Whichever carriers decide to invest in these innovations will be the ones who reap significant competitive advantage while simultaneously extending their reach and providing financial protection to a greater percentage of the population.”

When it comes to how Todd thinks about those innovations for Haven Technologies and how we can help carriers reap those advantages, inspiration comes from an unlikely place: A book gifted by a former manager titled Who Moved my Cheese?. While a deceptively simple title, the book has helped shape Todd’s views about change–how to look for it, how to not be afraid of it, and even how to enjoy the process! He’s found the insights valuable whether tackling change big or small, from determining how to approach day-to-day activities to disrupting a storied industry.

Todd also seeks inspiration from the outdoors. On the weekends, he and his family spend time outside of New York City on an old apple farm. Together, they’ve restored an old Dutch barn, set up solar panels, harvested rainwater, and started growing fruits and vegetables. While primarily a way to recharge, the learnings from his time outside are significant. Most notably, to garden or farm requires continuous observation, anticipation and problem solving–some might say that’s exactly how we should transform life insurance.

Curious to talk further about the future of innovation in the life insurance industry? Reach out to Todd at

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